Sea Chanters

The Sea Chanters are the official chorus of the US Navy. They perform a variety of music throughout the country for the public, the President, and foreign dignitaries.

The group was founded in 1956 to sing sea chanteys and patriotic songs for State Dinners. Its purpose has expanded since then.

In the video below, the Navy Sea Chanters perform songs from “Jersey Boys” to the delight of the audience. This provides the public with a different view of the Navy. Even sailors can be talented musicians and soldiers.

In this next video, the Sea Chanters performed at the War of 1812 event in Alexandria, Virginia. This 2014 performance includes the Anchor Sisters singing some Andrews sisters hits, like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!”

Much like Six String Soldiers does for the Army, the Sea Chanters can help with recruitment and public relations efforts through their performances. They give a different perception of our soldiers and sailors. They are average people and some of them even sing!

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