Jake Carlberg

Jake Carlberg and his canine partner Abby served our nation in Iraq in the The Tactical Explosive Detection Dog program (TEDD). Together, they searched for bombs. Abby saved Jake’s life and the lives of many other soldiers.

So it only makes sense that Carlberg wanted to adopt Abby after she was retired. But the Army misled him, and Abby was sent to a company that tried to sell her to a foreign government for her military skills.

This is beyond aggravating.

Handlers of TEDD dogs are supposed to get first priority for ownership when the dogs retire from service. This didn’t happen for Abby.


When Carlberg attempted to adopt Abby, he and his wife learned that the dog was already adopted out. She was sent to Soliden Technologies LLC.

Soliden told the Army it was training the dogs to be service dogs for veterans, but that was not their intent.

Jake contacted Soliden about getting Abby. He was told he could, but it was all a bait and switch. After Jake offered to go to Michigan to pick her up, Soliden told him she was heading to the Panama Canal for contract work instead. Jake sadly gave up after that.

Jake and Abby weren’t the only team that was let down by the Army under the Obama Administration. The news report in the video below (at the 35 second mark) details another man whose military partner went to someone else despite policy requiring handlers to get top priority in these dog adoptions.

It is absolutely appalling to treat our veterans this way. These soldiers and the dogs served our country honorably and they were let down and misled by the very country they served. These dogs are like family and they deserve to be reunited.

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H/T: Washington Free Beacon


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