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It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Girl Scouts are coming out of the woodwork to ask everyone to buy cookies. You might have one come knocking on your door any day now!

To celebrate the season, Mike Rowe shares an absolutely hilarious sales pitch from his friend’s daughter who was incredibly honest in the description of each cookie – especially the gluten-free one!

After Charlotte’s dad told her that his high school best friend was wealthy, he discovered an email to this friend in his sent folder. Given that he had deep pockets, Charlotte was hoping that her dad’s buddy would help her meet her cookie goal by buying boxes of cookies to send to our deployed troops.

Her email is a work of beauty. It’s amazing that an 11-year-old could lay out such an honest marketing plan. This video has gone viral, sending people to Charlotte’s cookie website to order cookies for the troops!

Watch Mike LAUGH in the video below as he reads the very truthful sales pitch in Charlotte’s email.

My sides hurt from laughing. What a creative kid! I don’t know adults three times her age who could market cookies as well as she did.

It paid off BIGLY! Watch Charlotte announce in the video below how many boxes of cookies she sold with Mike Rowe’s help. WOW!

Make sure you wait for Fred’s appearance at the end!

Good for her! I love that she cares so much about giving the troops some cookies! If you are interested in buying some cookies from Charlotte, her website is here. 

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