Achmed The Dead Terrorist

Comedian Jeff Dunham has some New Year’s Resolutions that he wants to share with you. All of his characters came together to discuss what their plans are for the year.

Walter said he wants to lose 180 pounds, which is what his wife weighs. He always complains about her weight, so I figured she weighed more than that!

Achmed the Terrorist has got to be my favorite as he’s so politically incorrect. I am not positive that he will actually wash his turban this year. He claims it hasn’t been washed in a decade and even he realizes it smells and he doesn’t even have a nose. Jeff’s dog must have through Achmed’s arm is a tasty treat because he ran off with it! And he better not harm that dog as he resolved to do!

In typical Jeff Dunham style, you’ll be laughing when you watch the video below. Each character has something to say that is as funny as the last. Sweet Daddy D even makes an appearance to liven things up for the New Year!

Which resolution was your favorite? Can you pick just one?

Jeff Dunham wrote on YouTube that he wonders if this video was a good idea, but these inappropriate and hilarious comments are exactly what we expect from and love about his characters. I hope they all keep their resolutions and keep us laughing throughout the year.

Jeff and his wife have young twin boys. In 2017, Walter was left to babysit little Jack and James. He was not very thrilled about it but the boys loved it. Click here to watch that. Hopefully the rest of the characters meet the twins this year. I can’t imagine what their reaction will be to seeing Achmed and all the others!

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