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Growing up on a farm really develops character. Farm kids grow up rough and tumble. One four year old Georgia boy is already making a name for himself by accepting a $20 bet doing something most grown men would run from.

Scott Clark told his son Asher that he would give the boy $20 if he would sneak up on their 1300 pound steer and jump on his back. That’s a heck of a challenge for an adult but this four year old accepted it.

Mom’s reaction in the video below is priceless. Watch this fearless boy go!

Here is Asher proudly accepting the $20 he earned from this bet!

Asher with his $20 for sneaking up on and riding the steer!

Posted by Scott Clark on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Before anyone gets too upset, Asher hand feds this steer everyday so there is a little relationship between them. It still was a daring challenge that took a lot of bravery!

Asher and his pet " mean ole bucking bull" lol. Aka Winchester

Posted by Scott Clark on Monday, January 2, 2017

Scott reports that Asher says he’s a “tough ole cowboy” now! He does deserve that title!

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