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Whoopi Goldberg continued her lefty ways by rushing to the defense of people who burn the American flag. She said sometimes people “get angry.”

The ladies on The View were discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s position on flag burning. Co-host Paula Farris took objection to the burning of the flag and said that people who don’t like this country should leave.

Whoopi said that protestors don’t hate our country. It’s hard to believe that when they are burning the symbol of our freedom and shouldn’t have to leave. She hates Trump so much, maybe she should just take an 8 year vacation while he is president.

Watch the video below to see the nonsense. It’s good to see Whoopi get some backlash from the other side of the table.

When people get angry, they shouldn’t burn things. That’s actually illegal. And if it’s illegal to burn something in public, why is legal to burn the flag. Don’t the same dangers with regard to arson exist when a flag is being burned? It’s not just a First Amendment issue. It’s a safety issue.

At the RNC this past summer, a flag burner burned himself. If you can’t burn anything else, why is it okay to burn a flag?

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