Rare Video Of Elvis Belting Out “How Great Thou Art” Will Fill You With Emotion

There are few entertainers that have left a bigger mark on this world than Elvis. His charisma, incredible vocal range, and ability to sing any style of song made the greatest musician of all time. Even today, Elvis’ estate makes tens of millions of dollars off of the sales of his music and likeness.

Of all the things you could say about Elvis, you could never doubt his commitment to Christianity and his love of gospel music. ¬†Elvis’ ability to pour emotion into every note made this version of How Great Thou Art memorable!

The video begins with fans remembering what they liked best about The King, with one man remarking that he loved Elvis’ gospel singing and that hearing his voice “made you feel good inside.” I have to agree, every time I put on an Elvis song, I really perk up!

Watch The King sing praise high to the Lord in this video below!

Just amazing! Elvis is just about the best in my opinion. This song brings a lot of emotion forward. He makes every word hold so much power and meaning. Hard not to get emotional while listening.

Elvis is just the best.

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