YG Donald Trump Piñata

Liberals have become unhinged over the election of Donald Trump. They were sure Hillary would be coronated and their free ride would continue. Now that they lost, some of them simply can’t contain themselves.

Attendees at rapper YG’s concert were brought on stage to beat the hell out of a Trump piñata. This is not cool and I would say that for any president, not just one I voted for.

You can see this in the video below. Notice how someone asks if Hillary was elected if it would be okay to beat a piñata of her. The simple answer is no! The left likes to pretend they aren’t violent, but their actions show otherwise.

YG wasn’t the only artist beating on Trump. Guns N Roses brought out a Trump piñata for concert goers in Mexico to destroy.

This really isn’t okay. They are defaming our president-elect in a foreign country. I don’t care who the president is, what happened in the video below isn’t right! Thankfully I stopped carrying about Axl Rose in 1991.

Give it up! You lost! Go eat some sour grapes instead of acting like a bunch of animals.   Their public temper tantrums aren’t helping their cause.

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