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NOAA Forecast Predicts Dire Consequences for All of America!


If you don’t like cold weather, you won’t be happy about December’s forecast by NOAA. It looks like some records will be broken.

Dr. Roger Pielke said, he “cannot recall last time I have seen such a cold anomaly forecast across almost entire USA. The map below from Weatherbell shows why. On December 8, it predicts 75% of the country will have freezing temperatures.

Another map from NOAA confirms this frigid forecast. Even if you live somewhere warm, you may need to get a coat and gloves!

Most Americans will be sharing this weather very soon. It is winter afterall, but the magnanimity of this cold blast is rather rare.

The video below details how parts of Hawaii will even be getting a foot and a half of snow soon. This isn’t happening on the beach, but it is rare!

Wow! It’s time to get the hardcore winter wear out of storage. I’ll have my firewood ready for December 8th.

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H/T: Watts Up With That

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