Dr. Larry Lindsey

Donald Trump has inspired a lot of people to rise up and fight against Washington politicians. Dr. Larry Lindsey was one of those people who did a lot of heavy lifting during the campaign.

The Marine helped expose corruption at the Colorado convention. He also has a very active and heavily subscribed Youtube channel that he used to rally people to support Donald Trump.

Sadly, Dr. Lindsey passed away over the weekend. But before he did, he posted a final farewell to President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and General Mattis. The emotional video highlights what an honor it was for this Marine to help elect Donald Trump. The Marine has a lot of hope and faith that Trump will be the President we need right now.

The video below is really a must watch. The video is posted with the comment, “Farewell dear friends. I seem to have run out of ammo.” At the end he salutes them all in a tear jerking moment.

This campaign succeeded in large part because of the efforts of grassroots leaders like Dr. Lindsey. It is heartbreaking that he didn’t make it until the Inauguration, but he will have a front row seat for it in heaven.

Semper Fi, Dr. Larry Lindsey!

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H/T: Truthfeed

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