Pablo Martinez

Competitive eater Pablo Martinez just became the first person to devour the “Anaconda” burrito from Fresno, California’s Taqueria Yarelis.

The burrito weighs five-and-a-half-pounds and is three feet long. It is normally served to families of four after it’s cut up.

The video below shows how it is made. Watch it and imagine trying to eat the whole thing yourself! The video went viral as people were amazed at the burritos size. You’ll notice that no anacondas are actually on this menu.

“Anaconda” burrito creator Edwin Espinoza promised that Martinez would not have to pay the $23 if he was able to finish.

Thinking the monster burrito wasn’t enough of a challenge, Martinez challenged himself to eat it as fast as he could.

“Burritos are my specialty,” the competitive eater said. “So I don’t think I’ll have an issue, although this one is pretty long. This is probably the longest burrito I’ve done.”

You might need a strong stomach to watch Martinez devour this monster.

Wow. I think I might puke just watching this. It is uncomfortable to even watch. I feel as if I gained 5 pounds just seeing him inhale that massive burrito.

Martinez finished the challenge in just 13 minutes and 8 seconds.

He did wish he was about to eat it a little faster but was happy that he was the first to take down the “Anaconda” burrito.

“It was really good, very good burrito,” Martinez said. “Definitely one of the best tasting ones.” How could he even enjoy it by gobbling it down that fast? When I enjoy the taste of food, I typically eat it slowly to savor it.

Have you done any eating challenges? Do you think you could take on this huge “Anaconda” burrito?

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