Christmas gift

Christmas is a time to share with family. Gifts are often exchanged, but the best gifts aren’t materialistic. ¬†One dad got a huge surprise on Christmas Eve when he was presented with a gift.



“For various reasons, Terra and her father haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together for 25 years. Living on opposite sides of the country from each other, Terra hasn’t been able to spend Christmas with him since she was four years old. She thought this would be a good way to make up for that, and she was right! Her dad thinks she’s back in her city on Christmas Eve, so he has NO idea what’s about to happen. Terra’s uncle is the one explaining that this special gift is for her dad as a combination Christmas and 60th birthday present. Her uncle is a two-time cancer survivor and during his second fight for his life he lost a great deal of his voice due to the radiation, so you’ll need to listen carefully to understand what he is saying. The look on her father’s face is absolutely PRICELESS!”

The reaction in the video below is priceless!

Wow! He didn’t see that coming at all! What a terrific memory. You can tell that gift meant the world to him!


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