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The liberal ladies on The View went all in for Hillary Clinton. There was no despicable thing they wouldn’t do to help the scandal plagued former Secretary of State. They even slandered the women who accused Bill Clinton of harassment and assault!

Even though Hillary lost, these women still can’t deal with the fact that Donald Trump will be the next president. Now they claim that Trump needs to step aside because they believe Russian hackers interfered with the election.

This is hilarious. The left mocked Trump in the fall claiming he wouldn’t accept the results of the election and here they are doing the exact same thing they said he would do!

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg try desperately to come up with reasons why Donald Trump should not be sworn in. They even bring up “fake news.”  They didn’t seem to have any objections to the fake news in 2012 about Benghazi being caused by a Youtube video. That lie was perpetuated by Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration to help him get re-elected. Where was their outrage then?

Behar then goes completely off her rocker calling for the President-elect to step down.

“Isn’t it time for him to step down? He has to step down before the inauguration, before they give him the nuclear codes. We are at risk when the President of the United States is fighting with the CIA. That is a terrible thing.”

You have to watch this to believe it. It’s absolutely absurd.

Sorry Behar, but Mr. Trump won’t be stepping down any time soon and he sure as all get out won’t be asking you for any advice.

Oh and Behar and her pals are completely missing the basic premise that was discovered in the hacks;  the very unethical and likely illegal activities by the Democrats. The meme below describes this perfectly. The Russians aren’t responsible for these actions by the Democrats!

These women need to get a grip on reality before January 20th.; otherwise they might have nervous breakdowns when Trump is sworn into office! Trump will be the next president no matter what they think!

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