Honest Journalism is dead

Americans have had enough with the liberal media. A recent poll shows 10 out of every 11 Americans feel the mainstream media is in the tank for Hillary. The New York Times has led the charge to help Bill Clinton’s wife become the next president, but it has come at a very high price for The Gray Lady.

The New York Times reported it’s profits have sagged significantly. Print ad revenue has dropped an astonishing 19%. Online ads did better, but the overall ad revenue for this long standing liberal publication are down 7 percent.

Of course there is a shift from print to online readers, but given the gap is not being made up over at the New York Times. This signals that it’s not in tune with many American readers. Simply put, people are rejecting the bias they are trying to spoon feed us!

The bias is so bad at the New York Times, that Maureen Down, who is a left-leaning columnist with the Times says in the video below the publication is censoring positive stories about Trump AND negative stories about Hillary Clinton.

The best way to effect change is to hit them where it counts – in their wallets. The bourgeois class at The New York Times need to understand that we aren’t accepting them shoveling Clinton crap our way!

The ultimate revenge to the mainstream media will be Donald Trump being sworn in as president!

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