Columbus Day Parade

Smearing Christopher Columbus has been a goal of liberals the past several years. Every October when we celebrate Columbus Day, they bring out their bullhorns and try to shame anyone who isn’t Native American for residing in the U.S.

They portray Columbus as a brutal man who didn’t discover anything, as people were already living here.

But, the History Channel points out in the video below, Columbus did discover the Americas from a European point of view. He also opened trade between the continents. You can’t judge someone in 1492 by 2016 standards.

Columbus Day is also a day that Americans of Italian descent celebrate. The second Monday in October is a big celebration for paisani.

Do liberals think Italian heritage shouldn’t be celebrated, too? As you can see in the video below from Little Italy in Cleveland,┬áthere are even big parades! People take the day off work and live it up!

I will always celebrate Columbus Day! We can’t deny our history.

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