Dog abuse

It can be difficult going on vacation when you have a dog. Lots of dog owners board their dogs when they are away. They place their trust in these facilities to provide for their loved pets.

But, that trust can be misguided. An undercover video of a boarding facility in Florida has exposed abusive situations.

Some dogs at Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy were left outside in cramped cages in 90 degree heat without shade or water for hours. Dogs that were lucky enough to out of the blazing sun, were left in their crates up to 19 hours without water.

If the dogs barked, a staffer would bang a metal bowl on the crate to scare them into silence. One dog was even jabbed with a broomstick. The facility claims this is “training.”

The appalling video is below.

When I leave town, I send my dogs to a doggie daycare. I know I overpay, but the peace of mind it brings me is worth it. I know they aren’t experiencing anything like this. I would rather pay $20 a day and know my dogs are safe and having fun.

It’s important to check reviews on facilities and see if they allow unannounced visits. Refusing unannounced visits is a big red flag.

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