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Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs shocked the Democrats when he said they haven’t been good for black communities. After saying that Obama “shortchanged” blacks, he took specific aim at Hillary Clinton.

Puff Daddy also said that Black Americans shouldn’t give away their votes and automatically vote for Democrats! Wow!

Talk radio host Larry Elder went on Fox and Friends to discuss Puff Daddy’s call to action this November in the video below. Elder thinks the “awakening” of Black Americans might be here. They are realizing that Democratic policies are failing their communities.

Puff Daddy said these remarks while he was opening a Charter School. He wants to get black children out of failing schools while the Democrats want to force them to stay so the teacher unions can gain more power. The Democrats choose the unions over children. Puff Daddy recognizes this.

We must stand up for our children over special interests. I’m glad to see people are finally getting the facts rather than talking points.

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