Young Man Job Interview
Young man have job interview.

What would you do if a complete stranger called you and asked you to lie for them as a job reference?

An Australian radio host called a random number to answer a curiosity he had:

Would an everyday Australian be a job reference for someone they’ve never met?

One host first posed as the interviewee asking the stranger to please fake a reference for him if the accounting firm he was interviewing with called.

Turns out, the man he called was up to the task and even stuck it out when the hosts posing as the fake accounting company grilled him about the fake interviewee!

Watch the hilarious video below:

I can’t believe he took it that far!

How do you feel about what this stranger did? Is it good of him to fake the reference or do you feel it was dishonest and the wrong decision?

Personally, I’d love to have a guy like him on my side!

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H/T: Viral Nova

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