Charlotte exploded in riots courtesy of Black Lives Matter following the death of Keith Scott. After refusing to drop his gun, Scott was killed by a black police officer. Apparently, these thugs believe in protesting racial profiling by racially profiling and beating innocent people.

Here are five videos that highlight what happened to people who were caught in the Black Lives Matter crosshairs. The thugs look to be targeting white people in these attacks. These people didn’t even have a chance!

1. This man was chased and beaten by rioters in a parking garage. One of the thugs filmed their crime.

2. They even took aim an elderly man. He is beaten while rioters laugh.

3. The press wasn’t even immune to being assaulted by rioters. CNN’s Ed Lavender was taken down while covering the “protest.”

4. Rioters damaged property too. They shattered glass doors. Blue Lives Matter reports that Black Lives Matter also tagged multiple buildings throughout Charlotte with spray paint.

5. A photographer was knocked down and beaten. The thugs then tried to drag the helpless manĀ into a fire. Police and bystanders saved his life.

Enough! Have you noticed how there is so much racial tension after two terms of our “post racial president?” Obama just stirred the pot and made things worse. These aren’t protestors. These are rioters. These are thugs. These are criminals hell bent on hurting people, destroying property, and looting. Our police must be unleashed to put these people down. Order must be restored.

We need a President who will stand with police officers and American citizens who are being targeted by violent, racist criminals.

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H/T: Blue Lives Matter

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