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Eduardo Serio of Mexico City’s Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation isn’t fearful of his big cats. They are part of his family. He doesn’t believe they will ever harm him.

In spite of all the love, these are still wild animals. As you can see in the viral video below, a tiger stops a jaguar who is running towards Serio from behind. Serio is standing with and petting several lions.

At :41 you can see the tiger notice the cheetah and prepare to leap into action. Perhaps the jaguar just wanted to play, but you never can be too careful with these big cats.

This isn’t the first time a viral video of Serio and his cats has gone viral. Another video of a panther stalking him from behind also grabbed a lot of attention.

I’m glad that he has a great relationship with them, but he’s really making himself vulnerable with these big cats. Alarmingly, he has celebrities visit his sanctuary to interact with the big cats. It’s dangerous enough for him to be so affectionate with these wild animals, but at least he has a bond with them.

When Khloe Kardashian joined him for some personal time with jaguars and lions, she clearly was fearful. Animals pick up on emotions. She really became vulnerable being surrounded by these animals that could easily have killed her. CNN reported on this and interviewed experts who think this celebrity petting zoo is an accident waiting to happen.

That report is in the video below.

While many of us joke about needing to rid the Kardashians from our lives, having one or two mauled to death by big cats isn’t the way to go. That could have been horrific!

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Source: Huffington Post

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