Louisiana Flooding

The flooding in Louisiana has been absolutely devastating. The Red Cross has called it the worst disaster since Superstorm Sandy. 6,900,000,000,000 gallons of rain hit the state in one week. Let that number sink in.

In one part of Livingston Parish they had 31 inches of rain in 15 hours. While flood waters are receding, ABC News reports over 2,600 people remain in shelters. Over 60,000 residents have been displaced. The Red Cross estimates relief efforts will cost $30 million or more. The LSU AgeCenter estimates the state’s agriculture industry will lose at least $110 million.

J.R. Shelton the Mayor of Central City, Louisiana said 25,000 of his city of 27,000 have been affected by the floods and 90% of their homes were destroyed.

However, the residents of Louisiana are resilient. Many locals rescued their neighbors in what is being called the Cajun Navy and now as they rebuild they are helping each other.

Mayor J.R. Shelton highlighted this fact when Sean Hannity came to visit, but he also blistered the terrible foreign policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. “We’re not waiting for $400 million that might have gone to Iran to come to us. We’re here taking care of ourselves.”


This is right on point. America is full of resilient and tough people. Not only are the people of Louisiana helping each other, but Americans all over the country are donating and supporting the flood victims.

The Salvation Army is one such organization who have been helping from day one. Even with nine of their ten buildings lost, they have served over 65,000 meals already and helped over 27,000 people with emergency assistance.

Take a listen to how they are helping and what you can do to assist:

We must come together as Americans and support the victims of the devastating flooding. But we should also remember that our country’s significant resources should be mobilized to help those suffering in our own country over those in a foreign country; especially when that foreign country is one of the largest funders of terrorism in the Middle East.

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