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There is an endless supply of liberal Hollywood ignorance. Many actors are very disjointed from the plight of everyday Americans. But, their arrogance doesn’t allow them to recognize it.

Samuel L. Jackson is the latest actor to stumble from his ivory tower. The Pulp Fiction actor tweeted a picture of Donald Trump and Mike Pence handing out supplies in Louisiana to flood victims. He pointed out something in attempt to make the Republicans looks stupid, but Jackson simply highlighted his own ignorance.

What Jackson failed to realize is that children who have been displaced from their homes and lost everything might crave a distraction from their plight. This stupid tweet earned quite a lot of backlash.

I think we know why Samuel is so upset that Donald brought comfort to so many while Obama golfed and Hillary hid from the press. Jackson said he is leaving the country if Trump is elected. He’s lashing out because he doesn’t want to have to┬ámove or eat his words.



Get packing Samuel! Maybe I’ll send you a complimentary box of playdoh as a departing gift. You can form it into a playdoh tissue to wipe your tears away after Hillary loses.

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