Blake Shelton Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church and Blake Shelton have reignited their feud.┬áThe “Church” has been attacking stars and even went after the Olympics and a 10 year old boy who was killed on a waterslide.

Blake Shelton had enough of their nonsense and sent them a not so subtle message.

Westboro replied in a very un-Christian like manner by calling Shelton and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani names.

The “Church” also promised to be at an upcoming Gwen Stefani concert. We will see what happens at the concert on August 12th.

Take a look at how their feud has escalated with both sides getting more vulgar and nasty as it escalated:

While it’s funny to watch them argue, perhaps Blake should ignore them rather than feed these trolls. What do you think? They certainly don’t represent Baptists or Christians.

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H/T: Rolling Stone

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