Debra Messing, Donald Trump, Gwen Stefani

Liberal Hollywood doesn’t have much tolerance for conservatives. If an entertainer expresses an opinion that differs from the leftist agenda, his career opportunities very well might be impacted.

It’s gone even farther though. Apparently, you can’t even discuss WHY people support a candidate. Blake Shelton learned this when he gave an interview to Billboard.

When asked about Donald Trump, Shelton said:

“Whether you love him or hate him, he says what he thinks, and he has proven that you don’t always have to be so afraid. A lot of people are pulling for him, no matter how much Hollywood fights it. … I probably wish there was another option, but there’s not.”

This very harmless comment from Blake resulted in an attack from liberal actress Debra Messing. She tweeted to Shelton’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani, “Omg. How? @gwenstefani please talk to your man to not vote for the person who will strip you of your rights.”

While Gwen stayed out of it, Shelton replied saying Messing was overreacting. Messing promptly deleted the tweet and apologized to Shelton as you can see in the video below.

Here is the apology, which we often won’t see from a liberal Hollywood type.

Shelton isn’t endorsing anyone and he still got attacked. I’m glad he stood his ground in the face of a nonsensical attack. Perhaps these liberals will think before they do this in the future.

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Source: Biz Pac Review

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