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Dr. Harold Carr was a recluse and a hoarder. He was often referred to as an “eccentric” man. When he died, his family expected a complete mess they would need to clean up. Instead, they found a fortune.

Carr left his family an old abandoned garage. And inside was over 1,500 beer steins and loads of receipts. Among the junk was a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S. There were only 17 of these cars made and since it had sat unused for decades, it was worth more than many of us will make in our entire lifetime!


Dr. Carr’s nephew said, “It’s worth so much because he hasn’t used it for 50 years. It was one of the original supercars. When it was built, it could reach 130mph at a time when other cars could only do 50mph.”

The eccentric uncle purchased the car for about $22,000 in today’s dollar. The family sold it for $4.3 million. They split this among each other.

You never know what kind of treasures you will find in an abandoned garage or barn. This uncle made quite the investment on the car and it paid off big time for his family.

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