Donald Trump, veteran, Vietnam veteran

A Vietnam Veteran was shot at a bar for a very unusual reason. Paul Jones, Jr. was shot because he is a Donald Trump supporter.

The 60 year old Air Force Veteran was at Winston’s Place on Cleveland’s east side discussing politics when another man butted into the conversation. The man got so upset that he retrieved a gun from his car and shot Jones in the thigh upon his return.

Now, Jones is recovering in the hospital while the shooter remains at large. This man fought for our country and he’s not even entitled to his own opinion? Not voting for Hillary Rotten Clinton got this man shot!

WEWS interviewed both Jones and his mother regarding this politically motivated shooting. You can see that below.

This election is out of control as Corrupt Hillary does everything she can to get back to the White House. She’s already proven she will lie and cheat. Now, her supporters have taken to shooting Donald Trump supporters! This is insane!

The media tries to stereotype Trump supporters as being violent, so I’m sure they won’t be reporting this story. It doesn’t fit their narrative. The Hillary Clinton supporter is the one who went and got a gun and shot someone for not supporting the scandal plagued former First Lady.

Since the national media won’t report this story, please share it to get the word out!


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