Devon Martes

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Dalton is one of the luckiest men in America. The Louisiana police officer responded to a call about two people rolling “shiny objects” down the street. He followed the suspects into the Times-Picayune warehouse.

17 year old Devon Martes pulled a gun on Dalton. He fired it, but it jammed. Dalton then shot Martes, killing the teen. If that gun hadn’t jammed, Dalton would likely be the one in the morgue rather than the young thug.

Martes’ mother, Alesia, is obviously upset, but she realizes this was entirely her son’t fault, according to NOLA.  

“Devon was a really kind person but he just got himself caught up in too much stuff,” Martes said of her son. “He really wasn’t a bad boy, but he put himself in that situation. He put himself in harm’s way.”

Of the deputies, she said: “They had to do what they had to do.”

Watch the surveillance video below to see how close of a call this officer had.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand had some strong words in defense of Dalton. At a press conference, he said Dalton is the victim and bears no blame for Martin’s death.

Louisiana police are on heightened alert since the killing of several Baton Rouge officers by a Black Lives Matter activist. It’s incredibly important to support Dalton and the Jefferson County officers in this situation since they face so much tension and threats these days.

You can watch part of that press conference below.

Thankfully Martes’s mother is accepting that this was entirely her son’s fault. This cop should not be scrutinized for this situation. He is lucky to be alive after the attempt on his life.

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