Jack Mook, cop, adoption, child abuse

Jack Mook is a well regarded Pittsburgh detective. He has a reputation for being tough and thorough. The committed bachelor also has a passion for boxing.

Mook coached kids in boxing at a local gym. Two of those kids, Jack and Jessee, made quite an impact on him.

Jack and Jessee had it rough, but Mook didn’t know how rough until one day when the boys didn’t show up at the gym. Mook went looking for them. That’s when Jack informed him of the serious abuse the brothers received at the hands of their aunt and uncle.

Their aunt and uncle were their foster parents because their biological parents were unable to care for them. Not only did the boys face physical abuse, but they were also forced to do heinous things like clean up dog feces on the carpet by using their own toothbrushes.

Mook wasn’t having any of this. This bachelor actually adopted the two brothers. But, that’s not all. Watch the video below to get an update on this amazing story.

Heroes live among us. Jack Mook is one of those heroes. He knew that those boys needed him, but it seems like he needed those boys too.

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