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The old Family Feuds are fun to watch. Richard Dawson was so great with the contestants. In addition to kissing all the women, he could make the audience laugh with just a look.

We all have those moments where we hear something that’s a little off beat that stops us in our tracks and makes us laugh so hard that we can’t continue. In the clip below, watch Richard have one of those moments. You have to watch until the end because he literally falls down from laughter!

I was laughing along with him the entire time. His reaction was even more hilarious than the answer! I love how he says to hell with the rules and lets the woman finish answering the questions even though the clock had run out.

Movie Star Richard Dawson

It wasn’t all fun and games with Dawson, though – or was it?

We at TheMix were reminded of one of his greatest roles that was both serious and funny, because it was a parody – of himself!

Dawson played a very Dawson-like character as Damon Killian on the classic film The Running Man, which also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Conchita Alonso. Only instead of smooching wives, Dawson’s game had the contestants playing for their very lives!

Watch the trailer for this epic masterpiece, and be sure to watch it if you’ve never seen it!

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