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Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and without much time to react. In those instances, your reactions and decisions come from your heart.

That’s what happened to a Florida Pastor and his wife after two young children were discovered sitting in a pile of trash. Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal┬áserve the homeless in their community and have seen a lot. They weren’t expecting to end up adding to their family of five, but that is where their hearts led them.

They first offered to bring the boys home for a night as a large storm was approaching. The infant and the toddler were returned to their parents the following day, but that’s not where this story ends. The parents and a social worker approached the couple one morning and asked if they would take the boys for a while to avoid them being placed in foster care. They needed an immediate decision and the couple agreed right there.

Now the family of five is becoming a family of seven as they move towards officially adopting the formerly homeless boys. This journey of love is detailed in the video below.

God works in mysterious ways. He will lead you with your heart. That’s what happened here. Despite all the hardships we see, there really is a lot of love in this world. We just need to listen to our hearts more.

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