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A Perth, Australia mother left her four and six year old stepchildren at home while she left the country. Their father was already overseas, so the youngsters were left to fend for themselves. And her reasoning for doing so is perhaps the dumbest thing you will hear this week.

Rather than take responsibility for abandoning the children, this woman blamed the¬†Australia Post Office for losing her children’s passports. Apparently in her mind, when you can’t locate your kids’ passports, you¬†just leave them at home. This is not a movie. It actually happened.

The video below is pretty unbelievable. She shows no compassion for these children; she simply pulls out the victim card. There is no accountability in society anymore. Everyone has excuses for everything.

Absolutely unbelievable! Those poor kids were abandoned and she claims to be the victim. This woman shouldn’t be permitted near those children. She clearly is incapable of tending to them.

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H/T: Huffington Post

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