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Duct tape can be a real blessing. Its purposes are unlimited. Here are 6 creative uses for the master tape that you might not have thought of. They will be particularly useful during camping trips!

If you find yourself in need of a cup and none are anywhere around, you can use duct tape to make a cup.

When you find yourself in need of a band-aid, but a drug store isn’t nearby, you can use a piece of duct tape instead.

If there is an emergency and a stretcher is needed to carry someone a longer distance, you can fashion duct tape into a stretcher.

You can use duct tape to create a temporary cast and sling.

If you have a rip in your tent, duct tape can patch it up. Since it’s waterproof, it can keep the rain out.

After using duct tape for your emergency fixes, you can use it to make a hammock and relax!

How do you use duct tape? Please share if you found this information useful.

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