Flip Wilson

Flip Wilson was a black man ahead of his time who could really could make us laugh. And like any good comedian, he wasn’t afraid to offend. Even babies weren’t off limits.

The funny thing about these old “offensive” routines is that the comedy giants of the day didn’t have to be vulgar – they were masters at context, scenarios, and innuendo. Flip Wilson was just one such giant.

Check out Flip’s “Ugly Baby” routine on The Tonight Show in the video below. Johnny Carson sure did laugh!

Who Was Flip?

The man with the super cool name was born Cierow Wilson, Jr. in Jersey City at the dawn of the Great Depression.

He gained the nickname “Flip” while in the Air Force due to his tendency to “flip out.”

After getting his start on the black nightclub circuit, he hit it big on all the great shows we know and love, like Ed Sullivan, The Tonight Show, The Dean Martin Show, and more. He even had his own show for four years on NBC in the 1970’s!

He was a trailblazer and a hoot, and his comedy is good enough to last until the Earth hurtles into the sun!

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