Liberals like to stereotype Chick-Fil-A (CFA) as a homophobic company. But, those liberals probably won’t know how to respond to a local Chick-Fil-A’s reaction to the Orlando Terrorist attack in a gay nightclub.

The company is known for closing its doors on Sunday. While some of us might be craving some CFA deliciousness on Sunday, it is company policy to shut it’s doors on that day. But, one Orlando-based franchise broke with that tradition to help out the community in the wake of the radical Islamic massacre at a gay nightclub.

They quietly made food on Sunday and took it to feed blood donors and first responders. Watch this fantastic story rising out of the ashes of tragedy:

Nobody was met with judgment. Instead, they were met with food and a smile – just as it should be. This company isn’t bashing anyone. It is serving the community in a very Christian manner. Perhaps the liberals will finally understand that while they are munching on some waffle fries.


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H/T: Fox 5 Atlanta

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