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A Beyonce fan is facing some serious consequences after attending a concert.ย Chyna Johnson spent her rent money on prime seats to a Beyonce concert. And now she is being evicted for failing to pay her rent.

Typical of her generation, she took to social media to boast of this foolish decision.

Johnson is about to graduate from college, but a quick google search of her will reveal to any potential employers that she is not very wise when it comes toย making decisions. She is now facing homelessness thanks to her love of Beyonce. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised since Beyonce herself makes questionable decisions. But, it looks like it’s time for Johnson to go!

She is pleading with Beyonce to pay her rent, but I don’t see that happening as the Queen Bey would be having people demanding handouts all the time. Be assured someone will set up a Go Fund Me account to try to save her from her own actions.

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H/T: Buzzfeed

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