WWII Plane, Heavenly Body

Liberals don’t have a lot of tolerance for people with differing opinions. Today’s extreme left wingers look to suppress any and all types of speech that don’t fit within their designated rules of acceptable speech. This includes the free speech of conservatives. But, this next story is a combination of an attack on freedom of speech with a large dose of¬†stupidity.

Anton’s Hot Rod Shop based in Ohio was participating in the Blossom parade in Chagrin Falls over Memorial Day weekend. They have a fantastic car that is designed to honor WWII veterans. It looks terrific.

But some ignorant women took serious offense at this car which is a tribute to the Greatest Generation and the sacrifices they made. Look at the picture and see if you can guess why.

The women threw a hissy fit and were able to get Anton kicked out of the parade/ All because they have absolutely no concept of history and took offense at something they should be proud of.

The owner of the vehicle, Anton, was so distraught about his experience he took to his Facebook page:

“If you’re oversensitive or have your feelings hurt easily continue to scroll. Moments ago after planning our weekend around the chagrin Falls blossom day parade, we were asked to leave. Why you ask? Because a group of young ladies found our car offensive because of the Japanese and Nazi flags on the side. The argument got extremely heated and as I sit there with my daughter in the car these women proceed to use profanity to express their disapproval of our car in the parade because they say it promotes the slaughter of innocent Jews and Polish people. Which if anyone knows me or this car knows that it is the farthest thing from the truth! I built this car decorated it, and painted it with the but most respect for our US military in the history of our country! We have been invited to numerous military events to support our military to show them how much we as a family appreciate everything that they have done! We were asked today in the beginning to be moved to the front of the parade to follow the military and their vehicles. As a group of young liberals look at our car there rage overcame them and and they won we were asked to either cover our paint or leave so I chose to leave on this day of our veterans when we were trying to honor them with something that we spent a lot of time and money to build we were asked to go home our country is in the worst state it is ever been in and with the everyone needs a ribbon mentality and you can’t hurt my feelings mentality we are destined for destruction. I have no tolerance for ignorance if any of those people would’ve picked up a history book they would know with this car meant! I hope all of you have a wonderful memorial day weekend and do not experience a day like we did.”

This is just another example of liberals ruining fun. It also highlights how our education system is failing students by not teaching them let alone explaining history.

It also showcases the character of this younger generation. Rather than bitching about it, they should have asked what the Nazi flags were there for. Or they could have googled it. They could have learned that the flags represented kills by the pilot and crew. They weren’t a promotion of Hitler. Instead they went on a rampage to ruin Anton’s day and his tribute to our veterans.

There is also the fact that the organizers cowtowed to these women. They allowed their anger and outrage to win the day instead of standing firm with Anton and our veterans. They should be ashamed of themselves as well for not having the courage to push back against this vitriolic and destructive behavior.

Here is a picture of a very successful WWII pilot:

I can’t imagine what Anton was feeling. He had invested so much time and money into this car to honor our veterans and it was met with jeers from lunatic liberal women, who apparently need a space safe from history.

God Bless America. We sure need it.

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H/T: Anton’s Hot Rod Shop

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