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Amos Dudley is a college student who is really putting his education to use. The digital design major created invisible braces for himself using a 3D printer.

Amos, who wore braces in junior high, found himself needing braces again after not wearing his retainer. But, invisible braces can cost as much as $8,000, which is out of reach for many college students. So, Amos made his own for about $60.

The student created a mold of his teeth and then used that to create 12 straightening trays. After 16 months of treating his smile, he is currently wearing his final set of clear braces. His journey is documented in the video below.

Obviously, this isn’t something most of us can do. But, Amos has had success. Not only did he learn a valuable skill, but he saved himself a lot of money, too!

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H/T: CNN Money

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