Down Syndrome, Prom

High School Quarterback Ben Moser fulfilled his 4th grade promise to Mary Lapkowicz by taking her to prom. The story is so heartwarming, you will definitely want a box of Kleenex nearby.

Ben Moser was in the 4th grade when he promised Mary Lapkowicz he would take her to prom. Mary, who has Down Syndrome, and Ben were close friends at a young age. “We were always hanging out on the playground together playing around. I was looking out for her, making sure she playing with everybody,” Ben said.

However, their promise seemed to be on thin ice when Mary changed schools in 6th grade. But, the two reunited on the football field where Ben is a quarterback and Mary is a ball girl for her high school.

After a rekindled friendship, Ben planned a special “promposal.” Ben asked Mary with balloons and flowers that he personally delivered to her house and just last weekend, the two enjoyed each other’s company at the prom!

Nobody seems to be more proud than the parents of these long standing friends. Watch the video below for more information, but have your box of Kleenex handy!

Just when I think I’ve lost faith in the next generation, I hear this story. It is so wonderful how promises made and kept can really restore your faith in humanity.

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H/T: Fox 43

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