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One woman didn’t have any patience for a man who was taking too long at the pump and she landed in jail because of her actions.

A California gas station worker was upset that a man was taking a long time at the pump, so she took matters into her own hands. She grabbed a pipe and started whacking away at his truck.

“Go right now,” she appears to say to the man as she hit his truck. “I told you to go. I told you two times.” She continued by saying, “I told you to move and you do not move. The customer is not right.”

Monet Dansereau was getting gas when she saw this going down. She decided to record it as she was a bit in shock that an employee would vandalize a customer’s vehicle.

As you can see in the raw video of this crazy altercation below, the attendant named Jennifer told him to leave by the time she counted to ten. Then she started swinging the pipe at his truck, knocking out the tail light and likely doing damage elsewhere to his truck.

Gas station management said the man was at the pump for over an hour cleaning up his car. He was blocking other motorists from filling up. But did this justify having his truck damaged? It probably would have been easier for her to call the police to get the man to move his truck. The police came anyhow, but she is the one who ended up in jail!

The manager told the local news station the employee was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and was in jail overnight. The gas station obviously supported her as they posted her $20,000 bond and she was to return to work after her release.

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