Sad Grandma

89-year-old Magdalene Jourdan has been painting since she was 2 years old. The proud artist was thrilled when her local library allowed her to have an art show there. Her exhibit was titled “Reflections of a Lifetime.”

She dressed up to attend opening night, but sadly nobody came!

The Hungarian immigrant who survived WWII said, “I was disappointed,” she said. “I got all fancied up. I was a damn fool to dress up to go there.”

Her granddaughter Lily Jourdan, was away playing a softball game that night and couldn’t attend. She tweeted about how upset her Grandma was that evening.

And then suddenly, her Grandma became a Twitter rock star. The tweet spread like wildfire, prompting much praise and attention to Magdalene’s art. She was quickly dubbed “Sad Grandma.”

People from thousands of miles away were looking for ways to support Sad Grandma.

At Saturday’s show, more people showed up to see Madgalene’s artwork, including Buzzfeed News. This made Sad Grandma very happy. She told Buzzfeed, “I was a human being,” she said about the event. “Not some throwaway old woman.”

This show of love has made Magdalene feel very appreciated. She has been painting for her whole life and she finally is being recognized as the artist she is!

The exhibit is open at the Thompson Public Library in Grosvenordale, Connecticut through May 25th.

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