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Aoi is a gray and white Staffordshire Terrier mix at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. When she was abandoned by her owners at the shelter, she was terrified. But, with a little love from a volunteer, she has become of the star of the shelter.

As you can see in the following video of her first night at the shelter, she was so very scared. She was trembling, begging for help.

Aoi has an ally at the shelter.┬áKatherine Rosales, an Animal Care Attendant at CACC, said volunteer Ashely Andrade has provided Aoi with love that she may have never experienced before. This has increased the pup’s confidence greatly.

That previously scared dog even wears outfits now.

But, as cute as she, she’s still is waiting to be adopted. Each day she is overlooked, she is at risk of losing her life.

Even though she doesn’t have a home yet, Aoi greets everyday with a smile.

Bravo to Ashley Andrade for helping Aoi transform from a terrified dog to a happy one. Hopefully, someone recognizes what a great dog she is and takes her home soon!

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H/T: Barkpost

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