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Kanye West reinforced his stupidity on “Ellen.” His idiocy even stunned Ellen DeGeneres. She was probably trying not to openly laugh AT Kayne as he was sitting next to her.

This video is pretty funny and that’s not what Kanye intended. To say that the went off on a tangent would be polite. He completely went on a crazy rant about how wonderful he is (because that seems to be all he knows how to do).

He made an absolute fool of himself as he attempted to address why he asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for money on Twitter.  He needs the money for the betterment of mankind!

“I feel that if I had more resources, I could help more people,” he adds. “I have ideas that can make the human race’s existence within our 100 years better. Period. F–k the paparazzi, whatever perception you have of me, starting with the truth, started with what everyone’s thinking, start there, put some dope s–t with it.”

How do you go from bettering humanity to rambling on about the paparazzi? Even Ellen DeGeneres was left speechless and just let him go on and on. His rant got even weirder when he declared himself to be the “Michael Jackson of apparel.” He wants everyone to have expensive clothes AND he wants “to take away bullying!”

This is classic. Grab your popcorn and check this out!

Hey, Kanye! We aren’t laughing with you. We are laughing at you!

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