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Richard Saunders loved his cat Tolly. The Russian Blue was centerpiece of his family’s adoration. One day, Saunders noticed a bush that was trimmed in a way that looked like Tolly taking a nap – and a Facebook fad was born.

Saunders began posting photos of “topiary cats” and they spread like wildfire. Millions have checked out his photos of Topiary Tolly.

Saunders created these bushes in Tolly’s image and they are magnificent. Many people believed the digitally created bushes to be real. But, Saunders will never mislead people. He said he’d “rather be known for my art than my deception.”

Sadly, Tolly passed away earlier this year. Saunders was struck with grief, but continuing with The Topiary Cat images gave him a way remember his loyal friend. And, it allowed millions of people to enjoy this very loved cat.

It’s pretty easy to see why many believe these are real bushes – even doubting Saunders when he confesses they are not. The detail is such that they look true to life.

It’s no wonder so many people have liked The Topiary Cat’s Facebook page. What a great way to honor a much loved friend.

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