pediatric oncology, cancer survivor

Luke Weaver is a medical student with a lot of promise. Upon graduating from medical school this weekend, Weaver will begin a residency to become a pediatric oncologist.

What makes his journey so remarkable is that he is a cancer survivor himself. He was diagnosed with both leukemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma beginning at age 15. So he will be able to empathize with the emotional and physical turmoil his young patients encounter.

Weaver’s residency will be with the same doctors who treated his cancer, so he will be in very familiar territory, but from a completely different viewpoint.

“You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself. You don’t have time to look around and be pitied. What you do is you fight and that’s all you have and that’s all you know,” Weaver said. “I’ll be training under all the physicians who helped make me who I am today.”

Weaver will be able to answer some questions from his patients from first hand experience. And his physicians will soon be his peers.

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