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Nicholas Bryant apprehensively took the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

He admits he a bit obsessed with playing the piano and sticks to playing in the privacy of his own home. Today, he’s determined to give it his all and impress the judges.

Right on cue, Simon rolled his eyes as the investment relations consultant sat down to begin. And another judge wrinkled his nose.

Bryant started playing “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and was joined by a violinist. The judges perked up… and then… the MOST amazing thing happened! Trumpet, trombone, and French horn players stood and played. Violinists followed suit. The whole audience was roaring with joy! The instrumentalists continued playing as they joined Nicholas on stage.

Watch this video and prepared to be completely blown away by amazing finish of this musical flash mob:


Even sour-puss Simon swiveled around smiling clearly enjoying the performance. 

Did you catch the guitar solo on the balcony? And, the singers belting out harmoniously? Wow!

I’m still smiling after watching this as I’m sure you are, too!

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