Sean Morkys

A Connecticut student found himself handcuffed and arrested after he tweeted out threats to bomb a Donald Trump rally over the weekend.

Sean Morkys, a Psychology major was upset that the GOP frontrunner was holding a rally in his state, so he first tweeted “Is someone going to bomb the trump rally or am I going to have to?” Then he followed it up with a tweet warning his friend to tell his family not to attend the rally because it would be bombed.

Threatening a presidential frontrunner is a big no no. And this young man is learning a very hard lesson. These Trump haters have become unhinged and it landed this guy at the jailhouse. See the report here:

He was charged with first-degree threatening, inciting injury to person or property and second-degree breach of peace and then released on a 25,000 bond.

The tolerant liberal college student has since deleted his entire Twitter account. But, it is reported that he had a number of anti-Trump tweets.

I’m not sure how a psychology degree will work out for this guy. He has already shown very poor judgement. Perhaps he was just trying to be funny, but threatening to blow people up isn’t funny. Seems there would be a serious trust issue with clients or patients if he were to become a psychologist or a social worker.

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H/T: IJ Review