This story highlights how out of touch college campuses have become. The bubbles created by these institutions of higher learning lack common sense.

A Troy, NY police officer has been accused of discrimination for asking a topless female student at The Sage Colleges to put a shirt on as she was breaking the law. Apparently just asking a woman to cover her private parts is a safe-space violation and is equated to hate speech.

Cedar Brock is the woman in question. She explained why action should be taken against the police officer. “I felt forced to put a shirt back on,” the easily offended Brock said. “I was scared.”

What about the people who saw her topless? Aren’t they entitled to be scared by seeing such a thing? What if someone sprained his neck trying to quickly look away?

Students at the school protested in support of Brock against this “discrimination,” so they went topless on Wednesday. After you see the video below you will notice they weren’t doing anyone any favors by taking their shirts off.

The Dean of The Sage Colleges said she was proud of the students and this is exactly what they want their students to do. I would like to recommend this Dean watch “Animal House” to get a better feel for a more well-rounded college experience.

What makes this story even more dripping in political correctness, Cedar Brock claims to be androgynous and that is why she claims she can go topless even though she is a female.

According to The Mental Recession, Brock is listed on Facebook as a sister to her siblings. She doesn’t feel scared by being identified as a female by her family so why is she so terrified that an officer recognizes that she is a woman?

Wonder what this androgynous woman looks like? Doesn’t look so androgynous to me!


Real life doesn’t have safe spaces so teaching these students to be offended at everything and demanding retribution on anyone who does offend them is really going to cause them to be unemployable when they graduate. Then they will have large college loans to repay while being underemployed.

This really is a slap in the face to anyone who actually has experienced real discrimination. These kids have been coddled their whole lives and given trophies for everything that they can’t handle with simple common sense.

With the high price of tuition and all these safe spaces, do you think college is even worth it anymore?

H/T: Mental Recession

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