San Diego drug tunnel

California Potheads and coke heads are going to be a upset today as their drug of choice just got a little harder to come by after a big raid.

Authorities made a huge discovery in San Diego when they found a tunnel that stretched all the way to a home in Tijuana, Mexico.

An unprecedented amount of cocaine and marijuana was run through this tunnel that stretched over 9 football fields in length. It is the 13th tunnel found along the border with Mexico since 2006.

Three tunnels have been found on the same short San Diego street that runs parallel with the border fence. Obviously this is a big problem and the government needs to take border issues with Mexico seriously!

Officials suspect 1,016kg (2,242lb) of cocaine and 6,350kg of marijuana was run through this tunnel, so the discovery is a big blow to the Mexican drug cartel. And it is the second “super tunnel” to be found in a week!

“This is the largest cocaine seizure ever associated with a tunnel,” Southern California District Attorney Laura Duffy said.

The tunnel was discovered under a trash bin. Smugglers would put the drugs in the bin and then haul the bin elsewhere. Feds followed a truck that was carrying the trash bin with the drugs. When it was being loaded onto a box truck, the agents made their move.

The tunnel was rather elaborate. It had ventilation and lighting. And there was an elevator from the beginning of the tunnel in Tijuana leading up to the home.

“I think it fair to say that few would suspect that traffickers were moving multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana in this very unassuming way, in full view of the world around them,” the District Attorney said.

When Trump builds the wall, he might want it to go deep to stop these tunnels!

Check out this video of the tunnel below. Wow! While drugs destroy the lives of users, they obviously are profitable. It took quite an effort to build this tunnel. Thankfully it is now shut down.

How do you think we can combat these tunnels? If you were in charge what would you do?