Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious problem many veterans face. On average 22 veterans commit suicide every day. And the federal government has done very little to help these soldiers out after all they have sacrificed for our county.

But one Marine did something remarkable to bring attention to the plight of his fellow veterans. Ryan Weldon of Myrtle Beach sold all of his belongings and walked 5,000 miles across the country. His main mission was to get people to realize how we are failing our veterans. His journey has been documented on the Facebook page 5,000 Miles Documenting America’s Heroes.

Weldon recently completed his long journey when he reach San Francisco. He wanted to get a conversation going about the effects of PTSD and he certainly accomplished that.

While Weldon was on his journey, he got some much needed backup from a true legend. Chuck Norris is demanding the government do something to help these men and women they have essentially abandoned.

Norris is highlighting how service dogs in particularly can help those suffering with PTSD. These dogs can help provide comfort and offer unconditional love to someone who really needs it. And he does a round about kick to the people who are keeping these soldiers in the shadows. We can’t abandon these veterans.

We need to bring awareness to everyone and reach out to those veterans who need us. Please share this story to make others aware of this American tragedy.

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