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Waiting tables can be a challenging job. It can be physically demanding and you have to put up with the occasional grump or rude customer. You have to smile through it all, even when your service is unappreciated.

But, sometimes you are lucky enough to serve someone you can bond with quickly. And that’s what happened to Heather Schelsteder.

The waitress began chatting with a patron whose brother lost his life serving our country. Heather was still reeling from losing her grandma. It was Heather’s first experience grieving a close family member.

The Customer had a $27 bill, but she was very generous. She left Heather a $100 tip and some words of advice. “Have an amazing New Year. It gets easier”

This touching experience brought Heather to tears.

Big tippers can really make an impact on someone’s life. One Kansas waitress was completely blown away with a $10,000 tip! Can you believe that?!

Have you ever found yourself tipping above the 15-20% range? 

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